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Autumn and Winter


Autumn and Winter with Leafy Lytham

Autumn and Christmas time are a wonderful time in our Garden Hub, from September we take delivery of our English grown Cyclamen and pot up all our own baskets and planters ready for sale through autumn time. We also carry beautiful autumn perennials, evergreen shrubs and a tasteful selection of spring bulbs. Mid November we turn on our glorious Christmas Lights which as the light fades on a still evening are a sight to see. English grown Christmas Trees from tall to tiny are available with complimentary delivery as standard.

Autumn Highlights

  • Hanging Baskets, Planters and Pots

  • Autumn Bedding plants like Pansies, Bellis and Wallflowers.

  • Autumn perennials including beautiful Heuchera, Sedum and Hellebore.

  • Small and Specimen Evergreens

  • Christmas Decorations, Wreaths and Christmas Trees.


Autumn Services

  • Bring your own planters and baskets for filling.

  • What plant where advice.

  • Christmas Tree Delivery


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