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Acceptable Usage Policy

Terms of Use: Image
Terms of Use: Terms of Use

This is our acceptable use policy and it details the terms to which you may access and use our website and it applies to all the website’s visitors and users. You are, by using our website agreeing to these terms and conditions. is a very nice site which is operated by Greg Anderton t/As Leafy Lytham] ("We"). We have our registered office at 19 Whitecoats Drive, Lytham, Lancashire, FY8 4HH. Our main trading address is 19 Whitecoats Drive, Lytham, Lancashire, FY8 4HH and our nice VAT number is 291333900.

This lovely website is for the use of only lawful purposes and you may not use our site in any way which is in breach of local, national, international regulations and or laws or in any way that harms or attempts to harm others, spams or transmits advertising which is unauthorised to other users of our site and or our business!

In addition, please don’t transmit the likes of viruses, Trojan horses, keystroke loggers, spyware, worms, time-bombs, adware or other harmful programs or similar computer codes which will cause adverse affects to the operation of our computer software and or our hardware.

Duplicating or reproducing or copying or re-selling any parts of our website, damaging or disrupting any part of our site, damaging any software used for site, or damaging software owned or used by a third party is also in breach of this policy.

Just to be clear, what is breach of this policy shall be at the sole discretion of Leafy Lytham.

If you don’t comply with our acceptable use policy it will constitute a breach of the terms of website use and will result in withdrawal of your right to use our site together with removal of any material uploaded by you to our site. We will launch legal proceedings against you for payment of all the costs on an indemnity basis. This will include but is not limited to all the reasonable administrative and the legal costs which result from the breach. This is together with any further legal action we feel fit. 

Finally, we completely exclude all liability for actions taken in relation to breaches of our acceptable use policy and we may amend and make changes to our acceptable use policy.

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