Greg Anderton's Gardening Club is all about helping those who want to develop their gardening knowledge. Greg's aim is simply to share his experience and lessons from his career so far to help members of the club become more confident in their own garden. Becoming a member of the club gives you access to the remaining 8 lectures for 2022 with Greg, one month apart on a different topic. You'll learn about everything from different garden styles to garden history as well as hot topics like gardening for wildlife and making a garden interesting year round. The aim of the wide ranging topic set is to make the club both accessible to beginner gardeners as well those with more experience. Additionally, you get a tea or coffee and a scone at every lecture, priority booking access and discounted rates to seasonal workshops with Greg to put your learning in to practice* together with a 5% discount in Greg's Garden Hub at Lytham Hall for the duration of your annual membership**.


The 2022 Lecture series:


Starting at 2pm on the day at: The Upper West Wing Function Room, Lytham Hall, Ballam Road, Lytham, Lancashire, FY8 4JX (sat nav: FY8 4TQ)


  • 12th April: Planning a new garden – An introduction to Garden Design (particularly good if you’re considering making improvements to your own space).
  • 10th May: Cottage Gardens – Greg’s guide to creating the most beautiful quintessentially English garden.
  • 14th June: Designing for wildlife – intelligent ways to make your garden friendlier for nature.
  • 12th July: The coastal garden – How to create a beautiful garden in a challenging environment.
  • 9th August: Extending the season - A late summer garden & the new perennial movement.
  • 13th September: International gardens – A talk on the gardens of Italy.
  • 11th October: The charming autumn garden – including how to create autumn containers and hanging basket displays.
  • 8th November: Creating a festive garden - ideas for making your garden look all Christmassy!
  • 13th December: Grow your own and cut your own - planning your garden for 2023, includes being productive in a small space.


All lectures presented by Greg, talks last around 90 minutes (with 15 minute interval and refreshments). Q&A session following the lecture and time to ask Greg 1 to 1 questions.


Membership from date of purchase to 31st December 2022 (Garden Hub Closes 23rd December 2022 for winter).


* Workshops - Members get discounted rates to attend workshops with Greg as well as priority booking. Please note that workshops come at additional cost.


**Your Garden Hub discount is not available on the following: to use on our website, for any of our services or on Christmas trees.


We have initially set places for 50 members of the club for 2022.



2022 Membership - All 8 remaining lectures - Greg Anderton's Gardening Club

  • Garden Club Inclusions:

    Your membership entitles you to Greg’s 11 monthly lectures at Lytham Hall at no additional charge. Please bring your Greg Anderton’s Garden Club Card with you on the day to gain entry (You'll receive this within 14 days of your signing up). Lectures start at 2pm on the date specified in the upper west wing of Lytham Hall Postcode FY8 4JX.

    Parking at Lytham Hall is chargeable all parking funds and goes towards the restoration of the estate.

    You will receive priority access / booking for workshops run by Greg of at least 48 hrs prior to public announcement, however these events are at an extra charge and are not included in your fee paid for membership of the club.

    Garden Hub Discount:

    A 5% discount will be applied on presentation of your Greg Anderton’s Gardening Club Card in the Garden Hub at Lytham Hall.

    Your discount is not available on the following:  to use on our website, for any of our services or on Christmas trees.


    Your membership is valid from the date you receive your membership card until the 31st December 2022. You will not be entitled to any benefits of the club past this date.


    Leafy Lytham reserves the right to amend the terms of the Gardening Club  at any time without notice.

    Leafy Lytham reserves the right to ask any member of the club to leave if they are disruptive or abusive to any other member of the club or team members of Leafy Lytham or Lytham Hall.

    The venue for the club is located on the first floor of the upper west wing, accessible by stairs or a lift.

    Covid 19:

    In the event of a further outbreak of Covid 19 and taking on board the government guidance at the time, we reserve the right to move the club online or amend dates so that the club can still go ahead.

    We ask all members of the club to respect other members preferences if they wish to wear face coverings during the hours of the club, unless we are advised otherwise members will not be required to wear face coverings during the club.

    Finally, the club is open to members over the age of 16, everyone is welcome who wants to learn more about gardening.

  • You will receive your welcome letter and Membership card within 14 days of your purchase of membership.